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About this project


In 2008, our team of English teachers, instructional designers and researchers began working with OUI's Shoham Center for Information Technology in Distance Education in order to create this site.

The main purpose of this project is to help students learn the high-priority high-frequency vocabulary they need to become effective readers of academic texts.

Project Leaders

English Department

Instructional Designers

Dr. Ingrid Barth, Yitzhak Ersoff, Claire Gordon, Dr. Esther Klein-Wohl.

Writers and Editors

Tova Atkins, Dr. Ingrid Barth, Naomi Bousso, Yitzhak Ersoff, Barbara Golan, Claire Gordon, Diana Katz, Dr. Esther Klein-Wohl, Ann Marks, Annette Rosenberg, Dr. Ellen Schur, Melanie Tureck, Rachel Wohlfarth, Carrie Yomtov.

Voices on Flashcards

Dr. Ed Treister, Carrie Yomtov.

Shoham Center

Itai Hareven (Head of Technology Division) Miri Hefetz (Team Leader, programmer), Vered Tubi-Frishberg (Flash programming), Gaby Weissbuch and Nadav Leshed (QA).

Graphic Design (Publishing House)

Laura Grinberg

Translations into Arabic and Hebrew

Yossef Abuhab


We would like to thank our anonymous donor and the Israel Inter-University Center for e‑Learning whose generous support has made this project possible.

We would also like to thank

  • Prof. Paul Nation and Dr. Averil Coxhead whose landmark research on high-frequency vocabulary forms the basis of this project.
  • Prof. Nation for sharing his BNC-based lists of the 2000 most common words in English.
  • HarperCollins Publishers Ltd. for allowing us to use some definitions from their Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary (2006), updated from the Bank of English and based on the Cobuild series. These definitions appear with an asterisk on the flashcards.
  • Teachers and students who participated in the pilot stages of this project.

If you are interested in joint research projects based on the resources on this site,
please contact:
Dr. Ingrid Barth
Open Learning Resources Coordinator
English Department

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