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Getting Started

  • Stage 1: Select a language

    Automatic translation options are currently available only for Arabic and Hebrew speakers. Additional languages - coming soon.

  • Stage 2: Find the academic words you want to learn.

    1. Use the Text Profiler to work with AWL words in your own texts.
      For more on how the Text Profiler identifies AWL words in your texts, go to Text Profiler.


    2. Work systematically through the AWL Sublists.
      • Start with words in Sublist 1. Words on Sublist 1 appear much more frequently than words on Sublist 10.
      • Check if you know what each word means.
      • Click on a word to check its translation.
      • If you are registered for an Open University course, log in and work with My AWL to make your own customized list of words you need to learn.

  • Stage 3: Go to flashcard to start learning your target words.

    Use your flashcards to start learning your target word.
    Flashcards give you

    • pronunciations of the target word.
    • translations into Arabic or Hebrew. Watch this site for translations into additional languages.
    • explanations of core meaning in academic as well as in everyday contexts.
    • examples of how the word is used in a sentence.
    • table with noun, verb, adjective and adverb forms of target word.

    picture of word card

  • Stage 4: Go to exercises to practice your target word.

    • Flashcards are linked to a set of 6 exercises.
    • Decide if you want to start doing exercises at basic or advanced level. These exercises are designed to teach, not to test.
    • Click on show correct answers to check if you answered correctly.
    • If you answered incorrectly, read the feedback to learn why your answer was wrong.
    • Use your navigation buttons to go to the next exercise or to go back to the previous exercise.

    exercise picture

  • Stage 5: Self-test to review words you have learned.

    Reviewing new words is essential to make sure you don’t forget the words you have learned. After every 5 words you learn, the program will ask you to take a test. We strongly recommend that you do these tests - they are a very important part of the vocabulary building process.

    test picture

    At the end of each test, you will get a list of guidelines and recommendations that advise you how to continue working with the tools on this site.

    recomandation picture

    If you are an Open University of Israel student, words you have learned will be automatically taken off your personal "words I need to learn" list.

  • Stage 6: Track your progress.

    Click on My Progress to see how well you are doing since you started working with Roads to Academic Reading. We're sorry - this feature is not yet available for visitors.

  • Additional recommendations
    • Words that look or sound similar may be confusing – avoid trying to learn these words during the same study session.
    • Study words regularly, in short sessions, rather than in long sessions. Don’t try to learn more than 5 words at the same time.
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