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Text Profiler
identify types of words in your text
Enter your text in the following text box and then click "Start". Our program will then tell you how many of the following word types your text contains.
Word types include:
  • Type 1: BNC 1-2000 - Two thousand most common words in English according to Nation's British National Corpus (BNC)-based lists.
  • Type 2: AWL words - 570 high-frequency general academic words on Coxhead’s Academic Word List (AWL).
  • Type 3: AWL & 2000 (Overlaps) – words that appear on both the AWL and BNC 1-2000 lists.
  • Type 4: Off-list words that do not appear in the first 3 categories. These words include names, places, discipline-related concepts and technical terms.
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