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mediation (noun)
Mediation is the act of intervening in a conflict in order to resolve it.
  • Through the process of mediation people can agree on a solution to their problems.
mediate (verb)
If someone mediates between two groups of people, they try to settle an argument by talking to both sides and finding things that they can both agree to.*
  • A negotiator was called to mediate the fight between husband and wife. He succeeded and they stayed together.
mediate (verb)
If something mediates a particular process or event, it allows that process or event to happen and influences the way in which it happens.*
  • The heart mediates the amount of blood that reaches the brain.
noun verb adjective
  • mediation
  • mediations
  • mediator
  • mediators
  • mediate
  • mediates
  • mediated
  • mediating
  • mediated
  • mediating

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