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random (adjective)
Something that is random happens by chance without any plan or method.
  • There were three movies that she wanted to see: She made a random choice by writing their names on three papers, putting them in a bag, and picking one out.
random (adjective)
In research, a random sample of people is a group which a researcher chooses for a study. The researcher chooses each person from a population where all have equal chances to participate in the study.
  • The experts wanted to predict who would win the election, so they asked a random sample of people who they would vote for.
noun verb adjective adverb
  • randomness
  • randomisation
  • randomization
  • randomise
  • randomises
  • randomised
  • randomising
  • randomize
  • randomizes
  • randomized
  • randomizing
  • random
  • randomly

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