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1. Molecular Symmetry
2. Continuous Symmetry Measure
3. Chemical File Format Conversion

1.Molecular Symmetry

Molecular Symmetry Online
This site, developed at the Open University, is a virtual learning environment for molecular symmetry. It is based on a set of tools that enable three-dimensional and interactive display of molecules and their symmetry elements.

Symmetry Tutorial
This site, developed by Prof. Dean H. Johnston of Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio, is a wonderful place to start learning symmetry. The site includes explanations and demonstrations of the various symmetry elements as well as expanded information on symmetry applications in inorganic chemistry: crystal structure and optical isomers.

An educational program designed to visualize the symmetry elements of molecules and to animate the corresponding symmetry operations in an interactive 3D environment. The website includes a database of 48 organic and inorganic molecules, corresponding to all point groups of chemical interest. The website was developed by a group of scientists, educators and developers from the Department of Chemistry, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Symmetry Online - Group Theory
This site includes a concise explanation of symmetry elements and operations with examples of a limited number of linear, planar and three-dimensional molecules. A flowchart for determining the symmetry point group of a given molecule is also provided. The site was developed by Prof. James Tyrrell of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

Character Tables for Point Groups
This site presents character tables for all the important point groups in chemistry.

2.Continuous Symmetry Measure

Prof. David Avnir Homepage
The development of the continuous symmetry measure is discussed in this site and a variety of research applications are explored.

Continuous symmetry and chirality measures
The continuous symmetry measures website of Prof. David Avnir provides online tools for the calculation of different symmetry measures, without graphic display. Calculation of the various symmetry measures for several molecules at once is also possible.

3.Chemical File Format Conversion

Vega Online
An online tool for chemical file format conversion. The results are obtained as text that needs to be saved with the proper suffix. The tool allows deletion of hydrogen atoms, deletion of connectivity, coordinate normalization and more.

Molecular Network - Convert
A demo version of the Convert software for chemical file format conversion. The format of the input file is automatically identified. The output is a file that can be downloaded to the personal computer.

Molecular Format Converter
A Website for online format conversion of chemical files. The results are obtained as text that needs to be saved with the proper suffix. The tool allows deletion or addition of hydrogen atoms and centering the molecule.

Open Babel
An open source code, free to use, that allows conversions of a variety of chemical file formats. The software can be downloaded to a personal computer.

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